Прибрежный аквальный комплекс у мыса Фиолент

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Cape Fiolent complex natural monument of local importance. The natural monument is a domed ancient volcanic massif with a rocky cape jutting far into the sea, with original forms of the relief. The climate is seaside, temperate hot with relatively mild and wet winters and dry and hot summers. No surveys of the biota have been performed and no monitoring observations are conducted. Part of the rocky areas has no permanent vegetation and the steepest surfaces of the rocky projections of the cape are covered with mosses. Single low-growing trees and shrubs, semi-trees and grasses can be found on the slopes. Some species included in the Red Book of Ukraine (2009 have been found: 2 species of mammals, 2 species of birds, 3 species of reptiles. In addition to the protected ones, we have also found some background species of invertebrate animals. This area is very important for the nesting of the bird species included in the Red Book – the European shag and the Peregrine falcon. There are erosion and denudation plains that spread from the north along the interrupted slopes and are covered with steppes consisting of various grasses as well as fescue-feather-grass steppes with individual dog-rose shrubs and coppiced pear trees on a small area. There are also country-house areas and hotel complexes. The ancient volcanic massif by the sea is a real natural museum located near a large built-up area. This natural complex is characterized by a low level of disruption of the elements of the ecosystem and a high level of attractiveness of the landscape. Considering the fact that the site is located in a landslide area with a risk of collapsing and an area with mud-and-stone downpours, the tourist excursions are possible only when using vessels. This site is the core of Herakliyski seaside eco-centre which is included in the regional ecological network of the autonomous Republic of Crimea.


ქვეყანა: უკრაინა
რეგიონი: Севастопольский
განედი: 33°29' E
გრძედი: 44°29' N
ტერიტორია: 179.00


ნატურა 2000:

III Natural Monument or Feature

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