Бухта Казачья

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Kazashki bay general zoological protected area of national importance. The protected area is flat and falls within the scope of the seaside coastal landscape zone of the Foothill area of steppes consisting of various grasses, woody shrub cenosis, forest steppes and oak forests. The climate is sub-Mediterranean with relatively mild and wet winters and dry and hot summers. 270 species of higher vascular plants have been found in the protected area (210 pecies of wild plants and 60 species of cultivated flora) as well as 18 species of macromycetes. Part of the protected area is a park in which the juniper plants are predominant. The protected area is a preserve for invertebrate animals and a large number of rare species have been found there. 109 species of fauna have been identified, of which 83 species of vertebrates. It is important for the regular seasonal gathering of waterfowl and riparian birds. One of the few places of this kind is located in the south of Crimea and is used for the mass wintering of waterfowl (over 30 species). The protected area is of particular environmental, scientific, aesthetic and recreational significance. It has a great biodiversity owing to the presence of rare taxa of flora and fauna which are included in the Red Book of Ukraine (2009 and the European Red List because of the high level of endemism and also due to the presence of relict types and rare phythocenoses which are in the process of becoming extinct in this region and which have been written into the Green Book of Ukraine (2009.


ქვეყანა: უკრაინა
რეგიონი: Севастопольский
განედი: 33°24' E
გრძედი: 44°34' N
ტერიტორია: 22.00


ნატურა 2000:

IV Habitat/Species Management Area

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