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Karanski protected botanical area of local importance. The area falls within the scope of the Crimean highlands, a sub-region of the Main mountain range, the Western lowland region of ranges and valleys, consisting of shrubby forests located on grey and brown forest soils. The uniqueness of the area results from the fact that it is located within the scope of the transition zone of valleys, foothill, mountainous and southern coastal landscapes and also along the dividing line between the temperate and subtropical zones, which determines its biological and landscape diversity. Floristic and geo-botanical surveys have been conducted in this area but the wildlife has not been actually studied, with the exception of the ornithofauna and the herpetofauna. Monitoring examinations of the aquatory are being conducted. About 600 species of higher plants belonging to 76 families (over 20% of the Crimean flora) have been found in this area. The marine flora is represented by 72 species, 17 of which belong to the green microalgae, 18 belong to the brown microalgae and 37 belong to the red microalgae. 38 species of higher plants and 10 species of macrophyte algae have been written into the Red Book of Ukraine. 11 species are protected on a regional level. The natural vegetation consists of hemixerophyl forests in combination with juniper forests, juniper and pistachio sparse forests and communities of petrophytic steppes and also spring vegetation. This serves as a refuge of the relict vegetation of sub-Mediterranean type. The composition of the fauna and the zoological complexes is determined by the adjacency of the Northern foothills, the Southern coast and the mountainous wooded Crimea, which determines the diversity of their biotope structures and their variety as well. Various ornithological complexes can be found on the territory of the protected natural area. No less than 100 species have been found, which constitutes about 31% of the type composition of the birds on the Crimean peninsula. The natural biota and the landscapes form the habitat, play an important role in the maintenance of the ecological balance of the region and also protect the soil and regulate the water. There are also some state monuments written into the registers of immoveable cultural-heritage sites with a different status. There are also remains of 13 settlements dating back to periods ranging from the 1st millennium to the new era. All the sites are accessible and well-preserved. They are also interesting tourist sites and are suitable to be further studied and turned into museums. The establishment of the protected area will provide complex preservation of the geological natural sites as well as the archeological, historical and cultural sites. 


ქვეყანა: უკრაინა
რეგიონი: Севастопольский
განედი: 33°33' E
გრძედი: 44°29' N
ტერიტორია: 1023.00


ნატურა 2000:

V Protected Landscape/ Seascape

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