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It was established to protect the habitats of several species of rapacious birds, centuries-old Moesian [Fagus] forests and karst complex consisting of rock formations, caves and springs. Besides the fagus species, there are oaks, Quercus frainetto and Carpinus orientalis. From the fauna typically for the Balkan mountains and in this reserve as well are the mammals - wolf, deer, wild boar, jackal and more than 200 bird species, 50 of which are in the Red book of Bulgaria.


Country: Bulgaria
Region: Югоизточен
District: Sliven
Latitude: 26°31' E
Longitude: 42°54' N
Area: 566.00


Nature 2000:
SPA - Special Protected Areas

Ia Strict Nature Reserve

Tourism / Activities
  1. Geology (rocks, caves)
  2. Bird-watching
  3. Hiking
  4. Ecotourism
Protected Species

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