The Small Pond of Braila Natural Park

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The Small Pond of Braila Natural Park was declared a protected area. It lies in the Danube floodplains, between Big Island of Braila and North Baragan and represents an area located in the steppe bioregion of the Baragan. The Park overlaps the site of community and avifaunistic importance and special protection areas - Small Pond of Braila.


Country: Romania
Region: Southeast
District: Braila County
Latitude: 27°54' E
Longitude: 44°59' N
Area: 17.00


Nature 2000:
SPA - Special Protected Areas

V Protected Landscape/ Seascape

Tourism / Activities
  1. Hiking
  2. Ciclotourism (byke, mountain byke)
  3. Sports – whatersports
  4. Sports - fishing
Protected Species

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