Прибрежный аквальный комплекс у мысов Ласпи-Сарыч

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Hydrological monument of local importance – Coastal aquatory complex around the capes Laspi-Sarych. It is located in the farthest southwestern area of Crimea, along the boundaries of the Crimean ribbed mountainous region constituting an area of a steep coast joined with a marine strip around Cape Sarych. The centre of biological diversity in the coastal area is characterized by substantial landscape and biotope variety. The flora has been insufficiently studied. The plants are of Mediterranean type. The vegetation in the coastal areas and the steep coasts of this region is quite poor. 19 species of endemic and rare plants have been written into the Red Book of Ukraine (2009). There is insufficient data about the fauna. There are three types of dolphins written into the Red Book of Ukraine (2009). The coastal rock islands are important for the ornithological complexes since no less than 6 bird species nest in this area. The adjacent aquatory is a region used for reproduction and migration of almost all species of fish subject to industrial fishing in the Black Sea region. The territory spreading from the south and the south-west borders on interrupted and steep vertical slopes and in the easternmost area these slopes are formed by accumulated bits of limestone. The underwater rock landscapes around cape Sarych are characterized by unique shallow caves which are the only ones of this type in Crimea. The social and cultural importance is determined by the valuable spa properties of the region, which is a traditional place for recreation and tourism. A substantial number of archeological monuments and remains of ancient settlements are to be found on the territory of the region as well as numerous camps dating back to the Neolithic and Eneolithic (the culture of the “piles of clam shells”), ancient graveyards, furnaces, workshops and others. This area is also a suitable place for the development of coastal types of ecotourism focusing on eco-kayaking. Its potential is determined by the combination of mountainous coastal landscapes including rare plant communities of sub-Mediterranean type with valuable landscape features.


Country: Ukraine
Region: Севастопольский
Latitude: 33°43' E
Longitude: 44°23' N
Area: 62.00


Nature 2000:

III Natural Monument or Feature

Tourism / Activities
  1. Ecotourism
  2. Sightseeing
  3. Sports – whatersports
Protected Species

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