«Максимова дача»

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Maksimova dacha regional landscape park of local importance. The regional landscape park includes the monument of urban construction and architecture of local importance – the Complex of Maksimova dacha estate dating back to the late 19th century. This area is located in the foothill region with steppes consisting of various grasses, woody shrub cenosis, forest steppes and oak forests, in the landscape area of steppes consisting of woods and shrubs and various grasses and forest steppes of the high accumulative and denudation plains and low mountains. The value of the regional landscape park is determined by the presence of historical and cultural sites, the landscape and biological diversity, the existence of rare flora and fauna. The climate is dry with temperate hot summers and very mild winters. Regarding the flora of the region, 138 species of higher vascular plants have been found, 19 of which have the status of regional, national or international protection. 14 species have been written into the Red Book of Ukraine (2009). In the park of the estate owned by A. A. Maximov there are more than 35 species of dendroflora out of about a thousand species cultivated previously. Extremely valuable are the trees planted during the period of the establishment of the estate, which are over 100 years old. The faunal diversity is related to the presence of various biotypes, including in the open and semi-open air (natural and artificial), rock types and also in built-up areas. 26 species have been written into the Red Book of Ukraine (2009) and the following have been included in the Red Lists of the International Union for Environmental Protection – 1 species of amphibians, 8 species of reptiles, 37 species of birds, 15 species of mammals (the ordinary fox, the hare, the ordinary bat, the midnight bat and others). One of the important environment-forming functions is related to water protection – the powerful water-bearing horizons of the plateau are actively being used for water supply by the gardening associations and fill in the artificial reservoirs of the estate. Some of the aspects of the activity are protection of the monument against destruction, establishment of a system of ecopaths, organization of guided and individual tourist routes, educational, sports and tourist activities including sports orientation.


Country: Ukraine
Region: Севастопольский
Latitude: °0' E
Longitude: °0' N
Area: 83.00


Nature 2000:

V Protected Landscape/ Seascape

Tourism / Activities
  1. Leisure
Protected Species

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