Мыс Фиолент

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Cape Fiolent protected landscape area of national importance. The protected area includes the narrow interrupted lane of the marine strip between Cape Fiolent and Krastova rock with the separate sections of large limestone and magma rocks with stony beaches and the slopes of the coastal cliff. The relief is characterized by a complex geological structure and a contact area between sediment and magma rocks. The climate is coastal, temperate hot with relatively mild and wet winters and dry and hot summers. The fauna and the flora of the protected area are varied and constant monitoring surveys are being conducted of the lichen flora and the mycobiota as well. More than 320 species of higher vascular plants have been established as well as 16 types of mosses. More than 80 species of invertebrate and vertebrate animals have been found. 45 species have been written into the red Book of Ukraine (2009), including 31 species of invertebrate animals. The nesting ornithofauna in the coastal region includes no less than 9 species, among which some representatives of the rock and coastal ornithological complex. This section of the coast is one of the few on the southern coastal line where the martin nests in natural conditions. One of the biggest nesting groups of European shag can be found here and within the boundaries of the coastal area the largest number of Peregrine falcons was detected. The protected area is a place that has preserved the typical Crimean natural complexes with original shapes of the relief, which have been formed in the contact area of the sea with the ancient volcanic massif – a monument of the Middle-Jurassic volcanism. There are two popular paths: the path that leads down to the Yashmov beach around the monastery and a path going down the landslide terrace around Cape Vinogradniy. The prospects of ecotourism are related to the routes of the ecological regional tours. The area of Fiolent has been visited by many renowned representatives of cultural life and public figures (A. S. Pushkin, Adam Mickiewicz). It is possible to diversify the traditional trekking routes (for the purpose of recovery, contemplation, photo tours), develop complex ecological and cultural tours of the facilities of the two ecopaths around the Svyato-Georgievski monastery and Cape Vinogradniy and also establish a tourist centre (it is possible to restore a historical sight – the house-museum of Admiral A. P. Lazarev). 


Country: Ukraine
Region: Севастопольский
Latitude: 33°29' E
Longitude: 44°29' N
Area: 31.00


Nature 2000:

III Natural Monument or Feature

Tourism / Activities
  1. Ecotourism
  2. Sports – other
Protected Species

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