Мыс Айя

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Cape Aya protected landscape area of national importance. The protected area is located in the South-west of Crimea and includes the rocky Cape Aya as well as the natural sights Ayazma and Batiliman. It serves as a natural hydro-climatic example, a hydrographic site and also a classic example of the formation of natural complexes within the contact area of land and water complexes on one side and on the other side – coastal and mountainous landscapes. It is located along the border of the protected priority area Aya-Sarich, which is important for the preservation of biological and landscape diversity. The flora and the fauna of the protected area include about 500 species of vascular plants and 100 species of animals. The marine ecosystem has outstanding biological diversity compared to the other regions of Crimea. The particular value of the protected area is determined by its unique natural landscape featuring a very complex geomorphologic composition, which makes it an important environment and explains its scientific and ecological significance. On the territory of the protected area there are remains of ancient settlements that can be seen within the natural monument Batiliman and also ruins of the medieval castle Kokiya-Hisar, Kyuchuk-Moskomski Hisar. The buffer zones of the protected area are used as places for tourism. The recreation facilities Tavrida, Chayka and the children’s camp Batiliman are located there. 


Country: Ukraine
Region: Севастопольский
Latitude: 33°38' E
Longitude: 44°25' N
Area: 1340.00


Nature 2000:

IV Habitat/Species Management Area

Tourism / Activities
  1. Ecotourism
  2. Leisure
  3. Hiking
  4. Sports – whatersports
Protected Species

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