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Baydarski protected landscape area of national importance. It includes the Baydar graben and the adjacent Varnautska, Hayto and Uzundzhinska valleys with the surrounding low mountains. This is the largest protected area in this region. The climate of the Baydar graben is characterized by well-manifested continental features owing to the predominant local inversion types of weather. The flora and the fauna of the Baydar graben have not been thoroughly studied and are not to be found in the taxonomical lists of plants and animals. 113 plant species belong to the list of rare and protected species of Ukraine. Many of the plants and animals are protected in Crimea. 60% of all forests of the Greek Juniper forests of Crimea grow within the protected area. The region is considered to be extremely important for the protection of the forest-steppe as well as the rock-forest-steppe foothill ornithological complexes. The analysis of the natural heritage of the Baydarski protected landscape area allows us to regard it as being rich and varied, with valuable geological, orographic, hydrological, botanical and zoological elements which are suitable to be used as sites that are part of ecopaths and eco-routes. 42 natural monuments are to be found on the territory of this area. They belong to the following categories: landscape; cave; stratigraphical; forest vegetation; paleontological; mineral-petrographic and paleographic. In the protected landscape area there are Mesolithic dwellings, burial monuments from the early Iron age (the middle of the Millennium BC) – stone trunks (dolmens); fossil forests (mengiri) – monuments of tribal architecture and chair-like vertically placed stones; monuments of the monumental architecture of the Middle Ages (temples), remains of medieval buildings, artificial terraces; ethnographic monuments revealing the characteristics of the daily life and the traditions of the Greeks, the Crimean Tatars and the other ethnical groups of the population of the Baydar valley; memorable sites related to the events of the Crimean and the Great Patriotic War. 10 routes pass through the territory of the protected area. They are included in the Recreation Complex Crimea Programme (2005). The protected natural area also includes 5 tourist stops, 7 recreation sites and 1 tourist base camp. The recreation site Skelska cave is open all the year round. Part of the multi-day hiking route Sevastopolski also passes through the area. Many other paths and roads are actively being used for amateur hiking, cycling, one-day and multi-day horse riding, quadricycles and off-road vehicles.


Country: Ukraine
Region: Севастопольский
Latitude: 33°47' E
Longitude: 44°29' N
Area: 24295.00


Nature 2000:

IV Habitat/Species Management Area

Tourism / Activities
  1. Ecotourism
  2. Hiking
  3. Camping
  4. Ciclotourism (byke, mountain byke)
Protected Species

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