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Nature reserve Leshnitza is situated in the basin of the river Leshnitza and near Yasenovo village. It preserves a variety of ecosystems in the low mountaineous part of the Balkan mountains as well as habitats of rare and protected species. The forests include mainly beech, hornbeam, manna-ash. The main plants are the beeches at the age of 160 years, 18 m high. The reserve is the home of deers, red deers, bears, martens, wild boars, many birds.


Country: Bulgaria
Region: Югоизточен
District: Stara Zagora
Latitude: 25°15' E
Longitude: 42°43' N
Area: 388.00


Nature 2000:
SPA - Special Protected Areas

Ia Strict Nature Reserve

Tourism / Activities
  1. Hiking
  2. Ecotourism
  3. Bird-watching
  4. Geology (rocks, caves)
Protected Species

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