Kintrishi Protected Areas

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Kintrishi Protected Areas cover the Kintrishi Strict Nature Reserve established in 1959 and Kintrishi Protected Landscape established in 2007. Kintrishi Protected Areas are located in Achara, Kobuleti District, at a distance of 360 km from Tbilisi, in the breathtaking gorge of the Kintrishi River between the village of Tskhemlovana and the mount of Khino. Lower border of Kintrishi Protected Areas stretches at 250-300 m above sea level, and the upper one borders on Alpine pastures. The Kintrishi Protected Areas are located between the Black Sea and the mountain system of Achara-Imereti. These mountains hold up humid air of the sea thus stipulating to high humidity of Kintrishi climate. During the whole year here comes the same amount of precipitation (3000 mm) as in the coast of Achara. Mean air temperature of August is +24°C, and of January +4°C.
Mountain relief of Kintrishi Strict Nature Reserve is rugged due to deep gorges. The Kintrishi River – the main water artery of the Strict Nature Reserve begins from the Mount of Khino and flows into the Black Sea near the resort of Kobuleti. Its total length is 45 km. Other rivers and streamlets of the Strict Nature Reserve are as follows: Kheknara, Peranga, Mamedaghi, Didghele, Misanatisghele with charming waterfall of 30 meters, Bolkvadzeebisghele and Chrdila with two-step waterfall of 70 m height, which are the tributaries of the Kintrishi River. In the high mountains at a height of 2200 m there are two small lakes – the Tbikeli and Sidzerdzali Lakes, the total area of which do not exceed 1, 5 ha. The first of them is located directly in the territory of the Strict Nature Reserve, and the other – beyond its borders.


Country: Грузия
Region: Adjara
Latitude: 42°1' E
Longitude: 41°45' N
Area: 0.00


Nature 2000:
SPA - Special Protected Areas

VI Protected area with sustainable use of natural resources

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